Jan 10, 2017

LOT 980 Dumps (IBM Certified Associate Administrator - Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5)

  1. While you used the Domino Administrator client, what two subtabs may be found under the Messaging tab?
    1. Mail and tracking center
    2. Router and mailboxes
    3. Mail users and SMTP configuration
    4. Mail statistics and mail analysis
  2. Joes is creating a new password for himself. Which one of the following will "password quality checking" indicate is the least secure password?
    1. All uppercase passwords
    2. Mixed case passphrases
    3. Words found in Notes dictionaries during spell check
    4. Passphrases containing numbers and punctuation
  3. In addition to Notes databases, which of the following file on a Domino server should be backed up in order to ensure that new users can be created in case of loss of the server?
    1. The user's desktop.dsk file
    2. The server's bookmark.nsf file
    3. Cache.dsk
    4. Certified ID files
  4. Ben attempts to send Jerry a Notes mail message. Both users are on the same mail server. Which of the following paths will the message take?
    1. The SMTP task will receive the message from Ben and immediately send it to Jerry aster following the SMTP to Notes path defined in the configuration settings documents for the mail server
    2. The Router will receive the message from Ben and deliver it immediately to Jerry's mailfile via NRPC
    3. The server will receive the message from Ben and send it to the mail hub for distribution back to the mail server and then deliver to Jerry's mailfile
    4. The Router will receive the message from Ben and deliver it immediately to Jerry's mailfile via SMTP
  5. You have the ability to set different levels of administration access to users. Which of the following represents the hierarchy order for privileges from greatest to least access?
    1. Full Console administrator > System Administrator > Full Access administrator > Administrator
    2. Server administrator > View Console administrator > Administrator > User administrator
    3. Full server access administrator > Console rights administrator > User administrator > View access only administrator
    4. Full access administrator > Administrator > Full console administrator > System administrator
  6. Tom set up a Domino domain and organization. Which one of the following describes the difference between a Domino domain and a Domino organization?
    1. A Domains define security and naming conventions. Organizations are comprised of users and servers that share a common Domino Directory.
    2. Domains are comprised of users and servers that share a common Domino Directory. Organizations define security and naming conventions.
    3. Domains refer to a company's hierarchical structure. Organizations refer to users who share a common organizational certifier.
    4. There is no difference. Domains and organizations function in the same manner.
  7. Why did Tom designate Server1/Boise/Acme as the Administration Server for the Domino Directory?
    1. To make sure that all new users were registered on Server1/Boise/Acme.
    2. To prevent users from making changes to the Domino Directory on Server1/Boise/Acme.
    3. To force administrators to make all changes to the Domino Directory on Server1/Boise/Acme.
    4. To ensure that the Administration Process would process all Domino Directory changes on Server1/Boise/Acme.
  8. The server Web1/XYZ defaults to Server document settings to obtain configuration information for Internet protocols when which of the following features is not enabled?
    1. Global Domain documents
    2. Single Sign-on documents
    3. Internet Site documents
    4. Web Configuration documents
  9. In what order would Richard build a naming convention for his organization where user names would have the following format: Chris Maxwell/Amsterdam/Acme & AJ Mathis/Sydney/Acme
    1. Create two Organizational (O) Certifiers named Acme and use one to create an Organizational Unit (OU) Certifier named Amsterdam and the other O Certifier to create an OU Certifier named Sydney
    2. Create a common Name (CN) Certifier named Acme and then create Organizational (O) Certifiers named Amsterdam and Sydney
    3. Create an Organizational (O) Certifier named Acme and then create Organizational Unit (OU) certifiers named Amsterdam and Sydney
    4. Create a Organizational (O) Certifier named Amsterdam, an Organizational (O) Certifier named Sydney and an Organizational Unit (OU) certifier named Acme
  10. Susan has created a list of IP Addresses for the web server that are allowed access and a list of IP Addresses that are denied access. Both are placed in the appropriate fields. Which field take precedence BY DEFAULT when the same IP address is found in both lists?
    1. The Deny Access field
    2. An error will be presented stating an address may not be in both fields
    3. The substitution Access field
    4. The Allow Access field
  11. OCSP on the Domino server is enabled through which of the following?
    1. A Server configuration document
    2. Security policy
    3. Certificate authority database
    4. Server document
  12. John is setting up a single domain with a single organization. As a result, all Domino server IDs must be created using which one of the following?
    1. The same organizational (O) certificate or a child of the organizational (O) certificate
    2. The same cross-certificate
    3. The same administrator certificate
    4. The same country (C) certificate or a child of the country (C) certificate
  13. You are building Domino Domain Monitoring probes in Domino 8.5 and wish to create a standard Possible Solution for all of them. Which of the following document types allow this capability?
    1. Corrective
    2. Embedded
    3. Component
    4. Modular
  14. Which one of the following group types is used to prevent access to Domino servers?
    1. Servers only
    2. Deny list only
    3. Mail only
    4. Access Control List only
  15. Where does the Domino Server Setup program store the certifier ID file by default?
    1. In any network drive location that you specify during installation
    2. In the directory you specify as the Domino data directory during installation
    3. On the Domino Administrator's local machine in My Documents\Lotus\Certifiers directory
    4. In the Domino Name and Address Book
  16. John registered a new server. In which one of the following was the Server document placed?
    4. NAMES.NSF
  17. Terry is working on a document in a database on a server that is DAOS enabled. While in the document, Terry replaces the attachment with a new version. Which of the following occurs to the attachment in the DAOS store?
    1. The server removes the previous attachment entirely from DAOS and inserts the link to the new attachment
    2. The server adjusts references to the attachment in DAOS
    3. The server sends the full previous attachment to all user mail file that pointed to that original file reference
    4. The server removes the reference from all mail files that pointed to that original file reference
  18. Jon registered a new user. Which one of the following authentication elements is NOT found in that user's ID file?
    1. Private key
    2. HTTP password
    3. Certificates
    4. Public key
  19. Your Organizational certifier is named Acme. Each city in your company has an Organizational Unit certifier from the Acme certifier that references the city. Susan wants to create an Organizational Unit certifier below the city organizational Unit certifier. Which one of the following must she have to accomplish this?
    1. A copy of the city's Organizational Unit certifier
    2. A copy of the Acme Organizational certifier
    3. Copies of both the Acme Organizational certifier and the location's Organizational Unit certifier
    4. Reader access to the domain's directory
  20. In which of the following databases may you view all the database ACLs on a server by user name, access level, or by database?
    1. Log
    2. Certlog
    3. Names
    4. Catalog